How technology is changing our food – Part 3

Advances in technology are increasing our awareness of the food industry and the ways we find, eat, and dispose of our food. It is allowing us to track, analyze, and understand the way our food system works to help reduce the amount of food waste and carbon emissions.



In a movement that is gaining traction, food-centric hackathons taking place around the globe are improving the food industry. The first hackathon was held by Food+Tech Connect and is an annual event now. An assembly of the leading food innovators, chefs, entrepreneurs, and designers, the Future of Food Hackathon and Forum helps to create solutions for the future of food.

3D Printing

3D print technology stands to disrupt the food industry on at least some level.3D Systems’ candy, which is made of pure sugar with the ChefJet is the most talked-about 3D printed food right now. Modern Meadow is a startup which is trying to save cows and help reduce carbon emissions by creating meatless meat. NASA had used a 3D printer to make a pizza. A 3D printer designed for the home kitchen, The Foodini can print shapes out of the processed food mix. It has successfully created food items like burgers, pizza, and desserts.

Technology is lending a great helping hand to the food industry by bringing in various innovations in the way it functions. It will only help the industry to flourish and reach new heights.

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