How 3D printing is Changing Farming

3D printing is the latest booming technology in the field of farming and agriculture. It has the potential to n reduce costs by enabling distributed manufacturing of substitutes for both specialized equipment and conventional mass-manufactured products. This technology can assist sustainable development in rural communities that rely on small-scale organic agriculture. One such instance is how farmers in Myanmar are using 3d printing to improve farming production.


The rural areas of Myanmar which heavily rely on their work on the land are embracing 3D printing techniques with the support of rapid prototyping use. Proximity Designs, a non-profit organization has boosted the incomes of over 250,000 rural people across the country by utilizing 3D printing. The revolutionary idea started when MakerBot donated a 3D printer to the organization.

Debbie Aug Din, co-founder of the organization states that using 3D printing cuts down the prototyping process from weeks and months to a matter of days. Proximity Designs have been able to rapidly design parts for equipment such as sprinkler systems or water pumps through consultation with local farmers. This allows remote areas to have access to improved farming equipment.

As a result, farmers use a sprinkler developed by Proximity Designs instead of paying people to water their plants. It has also reduced the cost incurred by the farmers by more than half compared to what they used to spend before. 3D printing has enabled these poor areas to embrace advanced technology and subsequently improve their outputs.


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