CES 2018: Weirdest Health Technology Innovations

The Consumer Electronics Show was held In Las Vegas amidst much fanfare. The smartest cars, the fastest hard drives, the thinnest TVs and the weirdest gadgets in the most unexpected market niches were all to be seen at the annual event. While the digital health technology flooded CES 2018, let’s look at some of the weirdest digital health technologies that were at the display.


Robotic Pillow to Snuggle

Taking the concept of getting a better sleep by hugging someone, the Dutch company Somnox built a peanut-looking, greyish, soft pillow endowed with snuggling capabilities. The sleep robot comes with lullabies, guided meditations or breathing rhythms to follow.

Cancer Buddy for Kids

American insurance company, Aflac developed a social companion robot, namely a fluffy robotic duck, with the aim to offer comfort to kids suffering from cancer. It was recognized as the winner of the prestigious Tech for a Better World Innovation Award at CES 2018. It emulates young patients’ moods, endures the same often-painful therapies, and dances, quacks and nuzzles to help comfort children when they need it most.

Headband for Sleeping

The electronics giant Phillips introduced Smartsleep, a sleep sensor at CES 2018. A weirdly shaped wearable headband connected to a mobile app, in which you have to sleep and connects to a forehead sensor, reference sensor behind the right ear and two foam encased speakers that deliver minimally audible boost tones. Hypnotizing users to sleep, it comes with a lot of baggage and is rather considered creepy than cool.

Measuring Calorie Intake through Skin

GoBe2, developed by a Russian company Healbe tracks calorie intake through your skin by reading the glucose in your cell. Questioned by many professionals, the method seemed to be as feasible as capturing a unicorn fart. Its sleep and fitness tracking features were convincing, but the calorie measurements were inaccurate.

Summarizing, the CES 2018 at Las Vegas saw a bevvy of innovations ranging from amazing to downright weird. However, one thing is for sure – technology is taking people’s ideas to new heights.

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