Medical Applications of Nanotechnology

There is a vast scope for nanotechnology in the medical field, the applications are unprecedent. It has revolutionized the drug delivery system by lending support in the diagnosis of a disease, development of gene therapy, and clinical application, and is growing big with each passing day.


The latest nanotechnology developments in medical field revolve around the delivery of chemotherapy drugs directly to the site of cancerous cells. If the clinical trials become successful, the technology has the ability of targeted delivery. It will replace chemotherapy, which damages the healthy cells too. In addition to this, there are various new studies being carried out to enable nano particles to pass through the bloodstream and dissolve blood clots. The researchers at Houston Research Institute used silicon nano particles and successfully released polymer strands inside the mice for delivering the drug to the tumour site. The prestigious MIT is also carrying out a research on using nano particles for delivering the vaccine.

Further developments include the likes of nanosponge development to absorb the toxins from within the bloodstream for their effective removal, nanoparticles investigation to use in radiation therapy for treatment of cancer, use of gold nanoparticles and infrared light for sterilization of instruments in the hospitals etc.

Gene sequencing is also seeing nanotechnology developments with quantum dots being considered to speed up its process. They help in quick diagnosis as they can attach themselves to DNA sequences. Apart from this, nano-scale diamond particles are used for the treatment of brain disorders. Lighting up on the detection of any electrical activity in the brain, the external sensors register the frequencies of light escaping the skull enabling a deeper study of the brain.

In a nutshell, nanotechnology has tremendous potential that can be exploited in the field of medical technology. It will only grow bigger and better in the coming years.

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