The Future of Health Technology – Part 1

India is expected to become world’s most populated country by 2050, with the numbers reaching 1.7 billion. This will need leapfrogging in healthcare delivery including the transformation of public healthcare system. The future of healthcare will see a delivery model which is more personalized and focused on preventive and predictive healthcare contrary to the existing reactive and curative care.


In fact, technology has already started altering the healthcare space. Brain-computer interfaces, nanorobots, gene manipulation, robotic surgery, synthetic organs, organ cloning, individualized drugs, bionic body parts are some of the key technologies being studies and implemented around the world. India is also taking measures to adopt these technologies in the future run.

The penetration of internet and increase in mobile devices is also driving transformation and the healthcare sector will eventually reap the benefits of a digitally connected India. Get ready to see connected devices, wearable both invasive and noninvasive sensors like biomarkers, electronic tattoos, bluetooth-enabled implants, and other sensors that track our vital signs, organ health monitoring in the near future. These wearables will change the modes of how and when the care is received. Coupled with Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, these advancements will improve health and life experiences as part of a Human Operating System (Human OS) a platform for innovation.

Mobile health devices, technology integration with healthcare data and telemedicine strategies which could reduce the burden on health system will also see an upsurge in the coming years in India. All the efforts combined together will deliver an efficient healthcare system that such as a large set of the population will have access to at relatively lower costs.

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