AI and ML in Indian Agriculture

The gradual onset of global warming and climate change over the last decade has slowly-yet steadily allowed AI to penetrate into a traditional sector like agriculture which was initially limited to technology-driven businesses. This is primarily to help the agricultural sector cope with the increasing amount of complexity in modern-day farms.


Many agritech startups are using AI to asses direct-on farming, in development of improved seeds, crop protection, and fertility products to tackle India-specific agricultural problems. Aibono, a Bengaluru-based startup advises farmers about the right fertilizer mix to be used based on the soil condition so they get maximum yield returns by assessing farms and crunches related data of soil, weather condition and so on to build an imagery of the region and assessing the same. Companies like PEAT, Earth Food and V Drone Agro offer similar services, using AI to assess soil conditions over the cloud to help farmers. SatSure is a London-based startup that has its roots in India and uses machine learning techniques to assess imageries of farms and predict monetary prospects of their future yield. The company helps financers and insurers decide, what the value of agricultural land may be just based on assertive satellite imagery. Their networks can also predict weather iterations and its effect on the said farms.

The use of neural networks to run through large datasets is not just limited to the startups. Microsoft India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Karnataka government to develop several forecasting models, that will help empower farmers with solutions based on Cloud, AI and advanced analytics and the Andhra Pradesh government has is actively working with startups like SatSure.

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