Enhancing Medical Security with Big Data Analytics

Researches have shown that the medical industry is 200% more likely to experience data breaches than any other industry. A major reason for this is that the personal data is extremely valuable and profitable on the black markets, and any breach would have dramatic consequences.  Medical security is a major concern in the healthcare sector, and big data analytics is making sure that your health data remain safe and intact.


Keeping the critical situation in mind, many health organizations have turned to the use of analytics to help prevent security threats by identifying changes in network traffic, or any other behavior that reflects a cyber-attack. Big data has inherent security issues and many medical veterans are of the opinion that using it will make the organizations more vulnerable than they already are. However, the benefits and advances in security such as encryption technology, firewalls, anti-virus software etc. answer that need for more security, and the benefits brought largely overtake the risks.

Additionally, big data can also help to prevent fraud and inaccurate claims in a systemic, repeatable way. The historical data can then help to prevent similar incidents in the future, owing to the pattern that they generate. Analytics help streamline the processing of insurance claims, enabling patients to get better returns on their claims and caregivers are paid faster. If we look at one of the biggesr real-life implementation of the same,  the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said they saved over $210.7 million in frauds in just a year.

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