The Market Landscape for Healthcare Education – Part 2

In the past few years, we have seen several significant changes in the market for technology-led innovation in health care. Here are some important trends.


New data sources such as wearables, genomics, and social determinants are driving a whole new way of managing patient populations. The new goldmine that the medical practitioners are digging into is unstructured data, such as clinical notes, with the help of emerging technologies such as AI. Other emerging technologies, like blockchain, are still in early stages but with great potential. However, data interoperability, especially with the big electronic health record (EHR) systems like Epic and Cerner, remains a challenge.

The world is still in the early stages of breakthroughs such as gene-editing with CRISPR (powered by massive data analytics capabilities). It is likely to transform healthcare, along with an explosion in smart sensors and wearables. Other technologies that are at a very early stage are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) but show enormous potential in transforming the way health care is delivered in future.

The future of healthcare looks innovative and promising with the advent of the technologies. Keep watching this space to know more about how technology is changing the way healthcare operates, one step at a time.

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