Training and up-skilling Nurses for better Healthcare Delivery

Indian nursing community has always been the backbone to the healthcare system, but has been hardly getting any due in return. Education and up-skilling is the only means by which nurses can get better opportunities to grow, says Mr. Gerald Jaideep, CEO, Medvarsity Online Ltd.

1. Healthcare sector in India has challenges for services and certifications training, what do you see as the biggest problem?

The major challenges that we see in healthcare service sector is the shortage of skilled workforce and many times it gets backed by limited sources to learn and develop required skills, to deliver quality healthcare. The government over the years has definitely worked towards improvising the healthcare system in India, however, the nursing workforce has been neglected. We, at Medvarsity, have been troubled by this growing gap and came up with the idea of bridging it by bringing exceptional courses and content to India. ATI’s nursing courses provide the right combination of theory and practical application to fill this gap. We hope that Indian education system will address healthcare education as one of the priority while releasing schemes in the coming years.

2. Nursing, as a peripheral requirement for healthcare also faces similar issues. What challenges would you identify as facing the nursing community as far as certifications are concerned?

Nursing jobs are the most demanding ones in the entire healthcare environment. There is no time limits and usually take up way more working hours, compared to other jobs. Indian nursing community has always been the backbone to the healthcare system, but has been hardly getting any due in return. Education and up skilling is the only means by which nurses can get better opportunities to grow. Besides this, there is a huge pay-scale disparity in the healthcare industry as well and nurses are affected largely due to this.

3. Do you see the need for up-skilling in the nursing community? Do you think this is being addressed enough?

Yes, there is a big need to up skill the Indian nursing community and very limited actions are being taken to tackle the situation. Indian healthcare inference indicate a very less number of nurses andmore than that, less skilled nurses, among the regular count. The root cause of this issue can be tracked down to their low confidence and awareness in general. Moreover, due to the lack of communication they fail to understand the need for upgrading themselves to advance their careers. Therefore, with the right awareness building, the issue at hand can be addressed aptly.

4. How do you see technology helping in resolving this issue?

Technology plays a big role in today’s times, when it comes to skill development or learning. With more nurses becoming aware of the power of internet, helping them understand their need for up skilling becomes easier. Moreover, with their schedules being totally packed, online learning comes to their aid, as it is convenient and time saving. Therefore, leveraging technology is the need of the day for swift and active learning for the nursing community.

5. What are your offerings that use technology you recommend?

Medvarsity, is a pioneer when it comes to online medical training for healthcare professionals at all levels. We hope to build a better healthcare system in the country by churning out more skilled and competent medical workforce. Our courses are deeply dependent on online platform, making them extremely user friendly, where the students can learn from anywhere at anytime. Furthermore, the courses are developed and accredited by some of the top universities across the world, which makes them more credible.

6. Could you please tell us about the new nursing courses by Medvarsity in association with ATI?

Medvarsity Online Ltd. is an online training & certification platform for healthcare professionals. The two new online training courses that cater to the nursing community are specially designed to up skill the nurses’ career. The Certification in Nursing Skills and Certification in Nursing Pharmacology are comprehensive courses that give a complete understanding of advanced essential practice skills for nurses and drug related information that is associated with a body system, respectively. Each with 6 months duration and innovative online learning modules, that will enable the nurses to get in-depth information on skills and practices ranging from simple to complex nursing procedures. This will further help them stay updated with the advancements in the nursing education system of India.

7. How do these courses help to bridge the gaps in up-skilling Indian nursing system?

India faces its own set of challenges when it comes to delivering quality healthcare. As per a study done by PWC there are 1.3 nurses to 1,000 population. The current situation in India calls for specific up skilled professionals who can understand the dynamics of growing issues that the patients faces. Therefore, we have come up with these two new courses, which cover all the aspects of updated nursing skill development to in-depth pharmacology knowledge. It will enable the nurses to get deeper understanding of information of skills and practices in a holistic manner. At a higher level, working nurses need to apply the theoretical and evidence-based information that underpins task performance, which is only possible through building a strong knowledge foundation.

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