How to Measure the Health of Virtual Care Program – Part 1

Telehealth in the U.S. has officially become mainstream, with research showing that telehealth ranks as one of the top four IT investment priorities for healthcare delivery organizations. Telehealth has benefits for both patients and healthcare providers alike. Patients have the option to not leave their homes for post-surgery monitoring, chronic illness management etc. and those living in rural areas benefit from access to doctors and specialists without expensive and time-consuming travel.


Telehealth solutions can also address some of the toughest pain points facing providers today including the likes of patient satisfaction and wait times, staffing shortages, and the number of hospital readmissions. Hospitals and health systems are looking for a clear path to success for their telehealth programs, as telehealth adoption becomes a necessity in today’s healthcare environment.

Step 1: Have a Goal for Your Telehealth Program

Setting realistic ambitions that align with your organization’s overall business strategy is the first step to any successful telehealth program. To ensure the hospital or health system gets the right tools it needs to achieve success, create specific goals and put them in place before signing a contract with a technology provider or implementing a telehealth platform.

It is also important to note that no two telehealth programs are the same. Goals will be different for every organization depending on the size, patient population, location and services provided, just like a hospital in rural Alaska will have a different strategy than a hospital in Los Angeles. Look to the cost, care and quality drivers that mean the most to your organization, if you are struggling to identify these goals

Look for a telehealth provider that can be easily integrated into your existing clinical workflow post setting the organizational goals. The use of telehealth technology is the first step toward meeting your goals and achieving telehealth success.

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