How Providers Can Monitor Cloud Use To Keep Data Safe

The way cloud services are used by an average person on a personal and professional basis, the overlap makes it easy for users to accidentally spread information from their work life into their personal cloud services. It can expose an organization to a variety of risks, including loss, theft or public disclosure of sensitive information when this happens without the knowledge of IT staff. Here’s how healthcare organizations can better manage employee use of cloud services to minimize those risks:

Google Yourself to Check for Exposed Personal Health Information


Employees accidentally publishing data online leads to some of the most embarrassing and damaging exposure of sensitive information. Setting up of strategic Google alerts by administrators to watch for the presence of sensitive ­information can be of help in such cases.

Audit Cloud Permissions for Healthcare Staff

Be sure to audit the permissions for those services to prevent the exposure of sensitive data when you allow employees to make use of approved cloud ­services. Regular audits of cloud service permissions by IT administrators, paying particular attention to publicly shared files and those shared with accounts outside of the organization can be useful in such cases.

Deploy a Cloud Access Security Broker

Managing cloud use and permissions can quickly overburden an IT staff as it is time-consuming. Cloud access security brokers alleviate some of the difficulty of this work by providing a centralized approach to cloud service management. These tools monitor cloud service use and watch for violations of the organization’s security policies.

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