Cybersecurity and Cloud Adoption in 2019

Healthcare technology went through an overhaul in 2018. From telehealth to wearables and 3D printing, several new technologies emerged and many existing ones got a revamp. Cybersecurity has been a top priority for the healthcare industry for many years now, and that’s unlikely to change. Cybersecurity won out as the most critical issue facing care organizations by a long shot in a recent survey by CDW, with 56 percent of respondents citing it as the most important relevant and topic for their organization in 2019.

Cybersecurity is going to be a theme for the foreseeable future, no one is going to be out of the woods when it comes to staying vigilant and resilient.

Additionally, the future of healthcare is cloud-enabled. Enabling a more personalized healthcare journey is really only going to work when providers get to a cloud-first model. The future healthcare model consists of radically interoperable data and open and secure platforms, which implies a cloud-first approach. However, the healthcare sector traditionally has been slow to adopt cloud. With a third of healthcare organizations in a recent CDW survey still reporting that they do not use the cloud, it’s pretty evident that adoption is still lagging across the industry.

It’s a hurdle that folks have to get over, and many are starting to. We need to see them taking those first steps in liquifying the data, creating the kind of interoperability in the cloud that is possible and then leverage some of the capabilities that cloud organizations can bring to the table around microservices, scaling and flexibility to drive insight across a larger set of data.

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