How India is Embracing HealthTech – Part 1

Healthcare industry all around the globe is undergoing a major overhaul owing to technical advancements and our country is not far behind. As you read this, India is ushering in technological breakthroughs and the growing start-up culture has a lot to do with it. The best strategy for a successful business in an ever-changing world of technology is to innovate or adapt, learn new technologies and evolve. The healthcare industry is full of examples of companies that are front runners of this strategy.  

Medical devices

No longer limited to research and development in treating diseases and drugs, healthcare today also consists of medical equipment with in-built technologies like IoT, AI, etc. for solving complex global problems. From dispensers that can help you manage your medication and devices that can do early detection of lifestyle ailments to wearables that can help keep a track of your vitals, new and exciting devices are being built to solve the challenges and give better services to patients. Though the adoption of ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), we are witnessing an impactful disruption in healthcare. IoT’s ability to track and communicate with devices gives a completely different dimension to the potential application of such devices. In the coming decades, we will see inventions and adoption of new applications and devices that will transform how information is collected, interpreted, and ultimately acted upon.


One of the biggest shifts we are seeing today is the integration of automation in healthcare. The broad spectrum of automation from automating digitization of health records to data mining to complete processes for higher consistency being used is what is exciting. Additionally, the in-built quality control mechanisms negate possibilities of errors, essential in the healthcare industry. Technologies that provide continuous feedback loops linked with automated data mining are also being used for optimization, management, and improved services to patients and healthcare entities. Automation can also be used to develop innovative services and products to solve issues being faced by patients, payers and providers.

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