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Now shoulder your responsibility with great ease

In a revolutionizing move, Bhatia Hospital announced a significant technological upgrade for enhanced patient outcomes. Under guidance of Dr. Sanjay Desai, a pioneer in shoulder surgery and President-elect of Asian Shoulder Association and Prof. Gregory Thomas, from the European Hospital Georges-Pompidou in France, for the first time a new device – Just Unic was introduced in India.

Applauding the new technology, Dr. Sanjay Desai, a renowned Shoulder & Knee Surgeon at Bhatia Hospital; who has operated the likes of  Shahrukh Khan and recently Sonia Gandhi, said, “Lot of our citizens will now be able to ‘shoulder’ their responsibilities better with the Just Unic fixation implant”

Just Unic combines precision and accuracy of technology with the surgeon’s skill, delivering the best possible patient outcomes. “JUST UNIC” shoulder fracture device brings to this concept a major innovation by providing stability of the humeral head using a circular staple and connecting it to the “sleeve”, which is inserted in the medullary canal. The sleeve is then used to adjust the height of the humeral stem. This innovation allows to facilitate the reduction and to maintain the space for reintegration of the reattached tuberosities.

The preservation of the humeral head is therefore possible even in osteoporotic patients. Based on this principle, for the cases where the secondary osteonecrosis is a risk, the “JUST UNIC” system proposes an option of hollowed head which allows grafting the osseous head in contact with the tuberosities, leading to the same principle as that of the “bilboquet” staple. Shoulder replacement surgery will now be 100% successful with the introduction of Just Unic with same cost as the traditional surgery. Patient will now get home sooner with greater recovery speed. Through this surgery patient will also be able to resume their daily chores much faster.

“The current method of fixing the displaced fractures of the ball of the shoulder joint (humeral head), with plates and screws does not necessarily give a consistently good result. But with introduction of Just Unic, consistent good and efficient result will now be possible,” added Dr. Desai.


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