N.M. Wadia Institute of Cardiology commemorates 50 years of medical excellence

N.M. Wadia Institute of Cardiology celebrated its 50th anniversary on 17th September 2016. The event was attended by its past patients, staff and eminent individuals of Pune associated with the hospital. On its foundation day, the hospital launched a Corporate Outreach Program – Heart To Heart to educate corporate professionals regarding the importance of cardiovascular health. This programme will be complimentary for companies interested in improving the health of their employees. A Coffee Table Book, was n-m-wadia-institutealso unveiled which encapsulates the entire journey of the hospital.

Established by Dr. S.M.S. Mody in 1966, the cardiology hospital has upheld his principles of ethical and responsible medical practices. On completing 50 years, Neville Mody, the chairman and trustee of the institute stated, “It is an honour to be part of this Super Specialised Heart Hospital that my father founded and dedicated his life too. As a charitable institution, it is under his vision that the trustees look to continue to expand the hospital’s ethical medicine practices with the patient as its sole focus by providing compassionate care and treating all individuals with dignity and respect within a growing competitive healthcare environment. We are privileged to have a majority of the doctors, medical and support team that have been with the hospital for over 20 years who imbibe these values and are passionate and proud of the culture and high level of care the hospital provides.  Our fast changing pressured lifestyles place additional burden on our health and I hope through this programme we are able communicate and assist the citizens of Pune to a healthier heart.

Dr. A D Katdare, Medical Director & Trustee of the institute said “N.M. Wadia Institute of Cardiology is a fresh breath in health care. On this happy occasion we are honoured to have all the people who have been instrumental in the success of the institution. I am proud and privileged to be associated with this prestigious institution since 1981. I strongly believe that the credibility of a hospital is decided by the lives it touches and that is the motivation I have working with for the N.M. Wadia Institute of Cardiology. We strive to actively work towards sustaining the ethical approach in healthcare which will help us in adding value in our patients lives.”

Going forward, N.M. Wadia Institute of Cardiology will be opening a new facility with world class medical equipment to take it to a 100 bedded heart hospital. The hospital has a history of association with eminent surgeons across the world including Dr Christian Bernard, Sir Dr Magdi Yacoub and Dr S Bhattacharya.

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