Nightingales Focussing on Technology for Building a Superior Healthcare Delivery Ecosystem

Nightingales – a home healthcare service provider in India, has medical care professionals equipped with the requisite educational qualifications and experience. Over the last 19 years, Nightingales have made recovery rehabilitation possible from the comfort of one’s home. They have specialized in Home based care such as nurses, bedside caregiver, Physiotherapist, Dentist, Doctor, Dementia care, Wound Management, Stroke Rehabilitation, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, ICU at home and  Equipment on Hire.

Vishal Bali Co-founder and Chairman, Nightingales home health care services, in an interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Health…

What is concept underlying Nightingales and how does it work?

We have been delivering expert home healthcare for 2 decades. All along, we have adhered to one sacred principle – of making you feel at home when it comes to your loved ones health. In the last 20 years we have had a wealth of experience with services ranging from rehabilitation, physiotherapy, dental care to elderly care, palliative care, ICU at home and chronic ailments.

What are the special key features of the healthcare technology start up?

We built a Cloud based platform, BOS (Branch Operating System) that increased Operational efficiency and improved the clinical excellence of our Company.

BOS is a single point of contact to run our complete Home health service workflow.  The complete workflow can be accessed by Admin app, Staff app & Customer app.  These apps provide the functionality to capture the basic workflow; i.e; Customer contacting NHHS, Requests for Services, Staff assignment, Service delivery, EMR update, EMR summary to Patient.  More importantly; BOS and the Apps provide more complex functionality such as;

  • Ability to define Services/Service Price at Branch level
  • Triggering alerts if Customer request is not closed in time
  • Automatic matching & assignment of service request to Staff availability
  • Checking if services are being delivered on time
  • Works offline for select crucial interactions
  • Generate bill and collect payments
  • Create and upload EMR.

What are the challenges faced by the organization?

Our Home healthcare business uses a hyper-local model with a branch handling Customers in a 5 -10 kms radius.  The branch houses the Operations & Staff (Clinicians) who understand the local dynamics and deliver services tailored to that locality.  In this spread-out operation, we need to provide

– High quality effective, outcome based service

– Effectively utilize our Staff and logistics

– Ensure consistency of our service quality is maintained

– Measure key operational metrics and optimize them continuously

How do you think that technology has changed the face of Indian Healthcare?

For instance in our business, BOS has turned NHHS into a paperless organization.  A routine task such as staff assignment has been automated reliving our staff to focus on high value work.  The Platform provides visibility to Operations on key metrics such as Customer revert SLA breaches, Customer Ontime delivery, EMR updates etc.

What is your Budget Expectation this year?

A robust healthcare system drives GDP growth, productivity and employment generation. The sector has been seeking the FM’s attention for the last few years to enable it to fulfil both its social and economic agenda.

The budget should provide an increased allocation for healthcare towards a direction of 2.5 – 3% of GDP over the short term beginning with a 2% povision this year. The allocation of Rs. 331.5 bn in the last fiscal for healthcare was a decline from the previous year.

For a sector which is the 5th largest employer in the country there is a significant opportunity to give it a much needed fillip by supporting its infrastructure expansion and expanding the base of medical education in the country.

Healthcare infrastructure should be included in Tax free infrastructure bonds. The budget should also focus on raising tax exemption for preventive health and create a national agenda on combating diabetes which already affects 65mn Indians.

Hopefully the budget will address all the incentives announced in the Start Up India policy which will provide the much needed opportunity for innovation and entrepreneurship in the healthcare delivery and medtech sector.

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