Stay Healthy during this Monsoon

Monsoon in our country is the most awaited season. The rain brings down the temperature giving relief from scorching summer heat. However, sudden change in weather triggers temperature fluctuation. This causes seasonal breakout of diseases like communicable diseases like cold, dengue and non-communicable diseases like skin problems.

Doctors strictly forbid self-medication as it may worsen the condition and further delay the process of recovery. To stay healthy during this season, Dr Kirti Sabnis, Infectious Disease Physician, Fortis Hospital, Mulund & Kalyan shared a few suggestions to be followed.

Stay Healthy during this Monsoon


  • Always carry a sanitizer
  • Carry a towel and a fresh pair of clothes (socks included) while venturing outdoors
  • An umbrella and a raincoat is a must
  • Use anti-septic liquids
  • Basic anti-allergy pills
  • Use insect repellents, anti- mosquito lotions and mosquito mats
  • Make sure children are vaccinated, as seasonal vaccines wear off
  • Use disinfectant scrubs
  • Topical anti-fungals, antiseptic creams


  • Avoid eating and drinking outside items
  • Do not store water for long periods of time

Tips for a healthy Feet during Monsoons


Keeping the feet clean:

If you get wet:

  • Wash the feet with lukewarm water with few drops of anti-septic
  • If you do not get the scope to wash the feet, wipe it with the wet tissue papers to remove
  • Keep the toe nails short to avoid accumulation of unwanted dirts.

 Choosing the right footwear:

Avoid wearing closed shoes as this allows water to accumulate, increasing the chances of a medical condition known as Trench Foot, caused by exposure to damp and cold conditions. Make sure footwear is cleaned on a daily basis and aired well to avoid moisture from settling in as well as boost the growth of bacteria. Wet socks must not be worn as it can increase the risks at hand and worsen it.


Feet have lesser lubricating glands which cause the feet to dry and increase cracks. It is essential to keep your feet well moisturized to stay away from developing cracks which can be painful. Evenly and gently spread the moisturizing cream around the foot, especially the heels.


Avoid outdoors if wounds are open:

Avoid venturing out in the rains if there are fresh wounds or cracks as this can lead to dirt and bacteria seeping in which can then get infected. Consult a doctor to treat the wounds, topical anti-fungal medications can be applied to treat the infections.

 Avoid Pedicures:

Avoid spa treatments because during monsoon it becomes difficult to maintain hygiene levels, even in the best spas. If you opt to go t for a pedicure, ensure that the instruments used are sterilized and cleansed with disinfectants, or carry your own set. Never remove the cuticle of the nail since it keeps infection out.

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