Eram firms up plans to kick off `Responsible Public Sanitation’ mission to mark World Toilet Day

Eram Scientific Solutions (Eram), the country’s first public e-toilet
maker, has firmed up plans to spread the message of `Responsible Public Sanitation’ to mark the `World Toilet Day’.  `World Toilet Day’ is being observed across the world on November 19th under the aegis of the United Nations is association with local partners to inspire public action to tackle the menace of growing global sanitation crisis.

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“This is the first in the country a mission on Responsible Public Sanitation is initiated like this. Responsible Public Sanitation is conceptualised to complement the `Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ or the Clean India Mission launched by the Central Government.  As part of its programme, Eram will launch a campaign to step up awareness about the need for Responsible Sanitation by educating the public about the need to keep the toilets in homes and public places clean and hygienic, said Dr Siddeek Ahmed Chairman and Managing Director, Eram Group.

The company has prepared short videos,   leaflets and other promotional materials about the imperative to raise awareness and inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis.  These awareness materials will be screened and distributed across schools and colleges.  Besides, the company is also organizing a drawing competition among children based on the theme. The one week campaign will begin on 13th of November. Promotion of the concept of RPS needs full support of all stake holders including public, civic body officials, technical partners, policy makers, media etc.   As unclean and unsafe sanitation mostly affect women and girl children, the campaign is specifically targeted to make a difference in the way public toilet facilities are made and maintained for these target groups.

Eram has based its campaign on five major themes such as the need for  keeping the toilets clean and safe, conserve use  of water and power, process toilet waste in an environment friendly manner, ensure sustainable operations  of all toilets , and  evoke interest in donors to support  adequate funding for making  and maintaining the public sanitation facilities.  The ultimate vision of the mission is to ensure clean sanitation facilities for each and every citizen.

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