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International standard ICU inaugurated at Atlanta Hospital, boon for patients

Subsidized health cards will benefit the EWS says minister

Bed facilities at ICU are either pre-occupied or the cost are set to burn deeper holes in the patients pocket, striking them emotionally as well as their family financially. Seriously – ill patients needs critical care and in the absence of proper bed, mortality and morbidity is on the rise.
To prevent such fatalities and provide quality healthcare facilities at ICU, Atlanta Hospital inaugurated its modern state-of-the-art class ICU today. The doctors and nursing staff are well experienced and specialized in emergency and critical care.
The honours of the inauguration was done by Ashwani Kumar Choubey, Minister of state for health & family welfare in the esteemed presence of Shri Sudhanshu Mittal, BJP spokesperson.
The uniqueness of this ICU being that world-class facilities are available at only one-third of the prevailing costs in comparison to any other hospital. Moreover the experienced doctors and nurse follow the strict emergency protocol and evidence based medication. The benefits will be highlighted at all economic levels of the society.
“Patients had to earlier commute to distant hospitals which led to delay in timely treatment increasing the risk of complications. But now by the setting up of the advanced ICU at Atlanta Hospital, the emergency and critical care services will be provided to the people of Ghaziabad at their door steps. The need for best critical care unit at affordable and fix price for all is now fulfilled with the launch of ICU. This will prevent many patients dying due to the non-availability of beds and non – affordability. The launch of subsidized health cards will be a benefit for EWS patients as all the quality services will be available to them at CGHS rates” Said the Hon’ble chief guest Ashwani Kumar Choubey.
“The ICU is a boon for the people of Ghaziabad and nearby areas; the hospital has taken a good initiative for the society. This ICU being made available at affordable cost with best in class quality health care, patients from all income groups will be at ease to get emergency treatment without bother. Lack of sufficient ICU beds in the region will now be supported by the new 25 bedded ICU at Atlanta Hospital benefitting the patients.” Said Sudhanshu Mittal.
Looking at the condition of the society where most of the patients in economically weaker section are not able to afford basic healthcare facilities, the unique approach initiated by Atlanta Hospital is commendable for the society.
The ICU is one of its kinds and is advantageous for the patients to now utilize the well equipped, modern sophisticated technology.
Many people in the local and surrounding areas are deprived or unknown of medical insurance or health cover and with such an initiative for the society is definitely appreciable. 
“Usually the treatment in ICU is very expensive and per day cost for bed is so high that most of the patients feel the financial aspect on higher side to such an extent that they discontinue even in critical stages. To reduce the door to intervention time, the hospital also has set up acute and critical care units at the emergency departments, which has the potential to revolutionize the management of all the diverse emergency cases at affordable costs. Moreover with the launch of subsidized health cards, the patients from economically weaker section will be at an added advantage. All the hospital facilities being made available at Government approved rates, people from economically weaker section will be benefitted the most.  Says Dr Amit Tyagi, Managing Director, Atlanta Hospital. 
“Shortage of ICU beds for critically ill patients, leads to priority based treatment contributing to a high mortality rate. This unit caters to aggressive treatment for the first 24 hours, monitoring and stabilization of the criticalities with state of the art equipments will significantly reduce mortality and prevent morbidity among the emergency cases. The world-class ICU at Atlanta hospital will be a demonstration for improving the length of stay, cost-effectiveness,  mortality and morbidity.” Said Dr Ravinder Singh, Managing Director, Atlanta Hospital.

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