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Philips expands its Healthcare@home services beyond Respiratory and Critical care

As of now, Philips has provided home care services to more than 2500 patients

More than 200 doctors working currently with Philips as a part of care

Philips works directly with doctors in more than 200 hospitals across cities

The ICU services provided by Philips are cost effective; 30-40% lower than that at hospitals 

Philips India Ltd, a high quality health service provider, has announced the expansion of its Healthcare@home services beyond Respiratory and Critical care, providing high-quality and extensive range of health care facilities at home. The new customised services will be supported by cutting-edge healthcare devices, patient monitoring systems and developed in consultation with India’s leading doctors and hospitals. The new service will be provided across NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, with further plans to reach out to 5 more cities by year end. 

Caring for an Alzheimers Patient

Philips is a leading player in health systems and connected devices. Over the last few months it has successfully introduced ICU@home across 4 cities in India; bringing to life a hospital like ICU set up at home, making things easier for both the patient and care givers. These ICU@home set ups are powered by technologically advanced devices, manned by ICU trained nurses and under constant remote supervision of a doctor.

Philips is now expanding its service offerings to serve a wider patient base in both short term (non-chronic) and long term (chronic) care segments. The new care areas, which will be provided by its expert care givers in comfort of patient’s home, include palliative care for both short and long term treatment, post-operative care, elderly car, drug infusion therapies minimizing the need for hospitalization for various diseases, wound therapy, Doctor on call, and various rehab services.  Most of these services will be backed by its connected care platform, making remote monitoring possible and driving availability of hospital like care at home.

 Richa Singh, Business Leader Philips Healthcare@home, India said “India by 2050, is expected to have 1 in 5 people over 50 years of age. The opportunity is immense and Philips is uniquely positioned to help transform care delivery, backed by its expert care team of doctors, paramedics and technically advanced connected care devices. It

 Philips has always focused on improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment, and home care.

 With Philips’ Healthcare@home services, a patient undergoes treatment in the comfort of his home, reducing stress and disruption for the family of multiple hospital visits and long commutes. The treatment at home is much more cost effective and also helps in speedier recovery with minimised risk of secondary infections.

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