Team approach to successful management of a high risk pregnancy at Global Hospitals

Global Hospitals, a multi super specialty tertiary care hospital has successfully performed critical pregnancy procedures on a 32 year old married woman named Mrs Pratibha Dhanavte.

Mrs Pratibha Dhanavte has been married for 14 years with bad obstetric history of three abortions, had Cushings disease where there is excess secretion of stress hormone cortisol due to a tumor in the pituitary gland in the brain, and was operated for pituitary adenoma in 2005. Pratibha has had three miscarriages and had almost given up hopes of getting a healthy baby. Doctors say such patients find it difficult to conceive and carry the pregnancy.


Pratibha Dhanavte conceived again and approached Global Hospitals. Dr. Pradnya Parulkar, obstetrician and gynaecologist at global Hospitals, closely monitored the patient for the antenatal period with regular sonographies and blood tests, only to find out that the patient did not develop hypertension or diabetes, but was clinically obese. Pratibha being of a short stature, whose height is about two standard deviations lower than general population and typical Cushingoid features with a negative blood group; was a complicated case.

After a lot of follow ups with her visually impared husband and conducting a fetal monitoring at 38 weeks, the doctors planned an elective caesarean for her on view of her BOH short stature. Finally, after years of complications, Pratibha Dhanavte delivered a healthy baby of 3.1 kgs. Both mother and boy are in a healthy state.

Commenting on this, Dr. Pradnya Parulkar, Global Hospitals, said, “Pratibha’s case was very different and had to be closely monitored throughout to ensure she that had a safe delivery. And considering her BOH short stature, we could not take any chance with the life of both the baby and the mother. Hence, elective caesarean was the best option. With our fully equipped maternity unit we were able to give a favourable outcome and, , there were no complications in the delivery.”

Dr. Manjusha Agarwal, General Physician, Global Hospitals said, “Pratibha had multiple health issues when she first visited us. However, we ensured her that she had a safe delivery this time; without any major complications. We combined all the expertise and guided Pratibha on every step and today she is a proud mother of a baby boy.”

Mr Manpreet Singh Sohal, Regional CEO, Global Hospitals, commented, “We at Global Hospitals see a lot of unique cases and this was one of them. The patient’s case was very complicated due to her past medical history, and we are happy that we could give our best and deliver the baby successfully, having both the baby and mother in a healthy state. ”

Mrs. Pratibha Dhanavte (the patient), said, “I am very thankful to the doctor and entire team of Global Hospitals for guiding and supporting me throughout my pregnancy. When I had completely lost hope of becoming a mother; this miracle happened, and today I am a happy mother after so many hurdles in my life.”

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