Best Health Tech Gadgets and Gizmos for 2018 – Part 2

Whether you are a fitness freak or simply looking for something to aid you getting back in shape, here are some of the best health-gadgets to help you achieve your goals, in no particular order.

Philips 9000 series 4K OLED TV with Ambilight tech


A television can do so much more for you than just reducing you to a couch potato. It can help you wind down after a tough workout at the gym or a stressful day at work and Philips’ latest range of razor-thin OLED TVs does just that. Philips’ new 9000 series not only make your screen feel much wider, but they make your viewing experience feel way more immersive thanks to the LEDs that line the edges of the screen. It emits vivid colours as an extension of what’s happening on screen, subtly illuminating the surrounding walls and giving your living room a nice, relaxing glow. It is available on Phillips.

Oral B Genius 9000S electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are the best for keeping your nashes in good tick and Oral-B Genius 9000S is a bit different to your average because it connects to the Oral-B app on your phone via Bluetooth and guides you through an “intelligent brushing system”. The system helps you clean your teeth like your dentist would want you to. The toothbrush itself also helps you protect your delicate gums with a SmartRing and pressure control tech alerts you if you’re brushing too hard with a bright red danger light, and reduces brushing speed.

Shark DuoClean Cordless vacuum

Cleanliness is next to godliness and a clean house is a healthy house. Shark DuoClean Cordless vacuum. This nifty little sucker can tackle almost any suction job and thanks to its DuoClean Technology, which features a double brushroll design, it can work to remove large, small and stuck on messes from carpets and hard floors. To help you reach the deepest nook and crannies, from stairs to surfaces to soft furnishings, it also converts to a Handvac.

So which of these are you planning to lay your hands on? Keep an eye on our website for more such innovative health gadgets to help you through your healthy journey.

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