Young Blood Antiaging – Fountain of Youth

The world is obsessed with looking good. A lot of people who are past the prime of their youth would want to go back to the time when they were young, their skin glowed, and they had more energy. The good news is that the fountain of youth might soon come out of the mythological dramas to become a reality. There are new treatment options underway in which blood of younger people under 25 could be used to reverse the effects of ageing.


Companies like Alkahest are developing trials to identify the key proteins in plasma that rejuvenate or age human tissues and then manufacture a product that uses them. However, the process is still in the infant stage and could take 10 to 15 years to fully develop. The company has another strategy in the near term. Grifols, a Spanish blood products firm, pledged $37.5m for a 45% stake in Alkahest earlier this year. The company will bankroll more research in exchange for rights to Alkahest’s first products with another $12.5m in its pocket. Alkahest’s plan for the next two years is to take human plasma and divide it into fractions that are rich in different proteins and then test each fraction in mice to see if they boost brain function. Any that do will be swiftly introduced into human trials and developed into the first generation of products.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the role technology is playing in healthcare. Keep watching this space for more such interesting insights that will blow your mind away.

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