Sunrise Hospital conducts complicated laparoscopic surgeries

Sunrise Hospital, Delhi has conducted complicated laparoscopic surgeries as a part of CSR and CME programmes. In India, there is a general tendency to resort to open surgeries by the people. Thus, in this scenario, doctors from Sunrise Hospital will be showing that laparoscopic surgeries can also bring solution to several complex situations. 24 laparoscopic surgeries, primarily from North India with the age group of 18-45+, were done in order to rectify several complex disorders. Dr. Hafeez Rahman World renowned Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon,  (Chairman, Sunrise Hospital) and Dr. Nikita Trehan, Gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon (Managing Director, Sunrise Hospital, New Delhi) along with her qualified team performed these complex surgeries.


Dr. Hafeez Rahman, Consultant Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon, (Chairman, Sunrise Hospital) says, “People have this myth that open surgery is done to rectify the laparoscopic surgeries. However, here we have done the other way round. Laparoscopic surgeries were done to rectify the damage caused by open surgeries.”

Dr. Nikita Trehan, Gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon and Managing Director, Sunrise Hospital New Delhi, says, “No one deserves open surgeries when it can be done laparoscopically. We believe in knowledge sharing. So, this CME will act as a platform for exchanging medical information. Further, this is a CSR activity. The usual cost of these surgeries are between Rs 1.5-2 lac, however, here they just paid Rs 10-20 k for the surgeries i.e. for the disposals only.”

In India, in spite of the medical advancements there seem to be unawareness regarding the laparoscopic surgeries. Sunrise Hospital conducts regular programmes in order to create awareness and discern health conditions of the people of the survey area.

Rita (name changed), says, “Earlier I had visited 4-5 doctors before and all of them had suggested open surgeries. It is only when I came to Dr Nikita Trehan that I realised complexities can be solved laparoscopically. My uterus was hanging between my legs. Today, my uterus is restored back and that too laparoscopically.”

Ratna (name changed) says, “I was detected with multiple large fibroids. Several doctors suggested removal of the uterus completely. However, I was not ready for it. So, I approached Sunrise Hospital. They were the only ones who suggested that myomectomy can be done and the fibroids can be removed laparoscopically. Today, I am a fit person and do not have any gynaecological problems.”

Dr. Shuchita Singh, Consultant Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Sunrise Hospital New Delhi, said, “We as a team of qualified medical professionals believe in giving the utmost care to our patients with special needs. So, we believe in identifying the requirements of the patient along with the case history and then act accordingly.”

Out of 24 cases following are some of the complex ones

Case of Isthomecele

Sapna (name changed) of 34 years was suffering from Isthomocele. She had a previous C-section and a scar was created. A pouch was created wherein the menstrual blood gets collected resulting in post menstrual discharge, post menstrual pain and if not treated properly it may lead to infertility also. Also, sometimes, pregnancy gets implanted wrongly in this pouch. This is an ectopic pregnancy. It is an instance of  Cesarean Scar Pregnancy.  In addition, she had vaginal fibroids and she was bleeding continuously. Her hemoglobin level was dropped to 6 but she has been given blood and is ready for surgery. The surgery was done and this was rectified by the able team of Sunrise Hospital.

Case of Tubal Recannalization

A woman of 36 years had 2 babies. At the time of 2nd delivery, she decided to get her tubes tight. Unfortunately, her second baby expired when the baby was just 1 year old. So, she now wants to conceive again. Considering that IVF is an expensive process she was not ready to opt for it.  So, her tubes were connected laparoscopically and now she is ready to conceive again. Thus, Sunrise Hospital brought smile to the face of the woman.

Case of High Transverse Vaginal Septum

. A girl of 18 years did not have her periods. She had menstrual pain every month during her cycle. All the blood started collecting in her uterus and flow into the pelvis and ovary. This may cause Endometriosis. There was a block in her draining system of the uterus. Her uterus was salvaged laparoscopically instead of completely taking out the uterus. Sunrise Hospital indeed gave a ray of hope when everything seemed to be lost for the young woman.

Case of bladder damage

A woman of 40 years had open surgery for fibroids and as a result, a hole was created in the urinary bladder and one in the vagina. A wrong communication was established between the bladder and vagina and urine was leaking from her vagina. So, using Evicel these two holes were closed. Sunrise Hospital came as a rescue for the woman for whom life seemed to come to an end.

Case of vault damage

A woman of 29-year-old had her open surgery and the area of the urinary bladder and rectum was not supported properly. As a result, her vault area had come down between her legs. She was facing difficulties in pushing motion and urine. The vault area was restored back laparoscopically and structured back to the backbone.

Case of multiple fibroids

There was a case of multiple fibroids. While operating suspicious ovary was detected and was sent for biopsy. Cancer was diagnosed and finally, cancer surgery was performed up laparoscopically. Also, there was another case of multiple fibroids. Usually, in such cases, the entire uterus is taken out because controlling bleeding during surgery is a major problem. Here, myomectomy was done and it was shown how to control bleeding while such surgery was performed.

Case of Uterine lining

A woman of 28 years old was facing problems where her uterine lining was spilling back instead of coming out. This was leading to severe pain during periods, while having sex, etc. The relationship between the tube, ovary, and uterus was restored. The rectification was done laparoscopically.

Case of Bicornate uterus

A woman came with a case of the bicornate uterus (uterus is divided into 2 parts). She was facing multiple miscarriages because her one side of the uterus was unable to hold the baby. High-end complex uterus unification was done in order to rectify the situation.

Case of uterus problem

A woman of 45 years old was having her entire uterus outside, between her legs. She had not conceived yet and was not ready to remove her uterus. She was unable to walk and engage in daily activities. Her muscle and ligament attachments were weak. So, corrective surgery with mesh was done in order to fix it.

Also, there was a woman with large uterus and blood was getting collected in the layers of the uterus. As a result, there was uncontrollable pain during periods. And she did not want the uterus to be removed, so the uterus was cut and made smaller in size. There were no hormonal or sexual problems post the surgery.

Case of multiple pregnancy termination

A woman of 29 years old complained of multiple pregnancy terminations. An ultrasound was done and a wall was identified in her uterus. This was also making the mouth of the uterus weak and as a result, the pregnancy was getting terminated. A small scoop was done inside the uterus and a tape was used to make the mouth tight and strong. A lot of people do it from the vaginal method where the tape is placed at a lower level, however, this can result in failure. So, the tape was put on the mouth of the uterus and it was a successful one.

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