“Radiology will see significant changes in the coming years, with automated software assistants”

Beilives, Elad Benjamin, CEO, Zebra Medical Vision.

The Israel-India relationship takes a step ahead with the “India-Israel Innovation Bridge” program. Jointly started over a year ago by Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and his Israeli counterpart Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu along with Israel Innovation Authority and Invest India, the program represents a peak in the relationship between the two countries.

As a part of the joint collaboration, six shortlisted Israeli start-ups are coming to India for the “Israel-India Bridge to Innovation” program. Of them, Health Technology interacts with Elad Benjamin, CEO, Zebra Medical Vision, a company developing medical imaging technologies to share their vision on adoption of technology in Indian market.

What do you consider the keys to Zebra Medical’s continued success?

Zebra recognized early on the importance of large amounts of high quality annotated medical data. We put significant emphasis on creating a large database from which we can draw on to develop our algorithms. We have also invested in making sure our products are well integrated into the radiology clinical practice, to make it as seamless and easy as possible for radiologists to use them.

How do you see Artificial Intelligence in radiology evolving in the future?

I believe Radiology will see significant changes in the coming years, with automated software assistants helping radiologists read more cases, in a faster and more accurate way. The huge demand that radiologists are facing can only be met by a technology leap that help this profession be much more efficient in the coming years, without sacrificing quality. So AI tools will do many of the everyday tasks that are done today by radiologists, and radiologists will focus on more complex tasks which require higher levels of cognition.

How far away is the industry from realizing this future?

We have already started implementing our tools in hospitals globally. As our portfolio grows we will be able to assist more. Fully automated reading is still quite a few years away, but we believe we can bring tremendous benefits to healthcare systems and patients much sooner than that.

What can we look forward to seeing from Zebra Medical

We will continue to develop and release products that identify clinically relevant conditions in imaging, and deploy them in healthcare organizations. Our focus in the near future will be Oncology and Acute care.

How do you see India as a Market to achieve your goals?

We see the healthcare system in India as one that can benefit greatly from our products. The number of radiologists per capita is very low compared to other healthcare systems. This places tremendous pressure on them, and also leaves many patients waiting long times for results. By deploying our solution in the India market we can create a win-win situation, where patients will receive higher quality, faster care and radiologists will be able to provide better care for their patients.

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