Technologies That Will Take Telehealth to New Heights – Part 2

Telehealth is the brightest of all the promising healthcare delivery methods primed to play an expanded role in healthcare. Paving way for telemedicine are changes within the healthcare industry, friendlier legislation, and a shifting economic landscape. By 2020, analysts project this industry will be worth $36 billion. Telecommunications and other technology fields are making great strides on a daily basis, and every advancement works in telehealth’s best interest.

Wireless Data

The ability to send and receive data is the reason for smart in smartphones and it would be obsolete if it wasn’t for the advances made in wireless networks and data connectivity. Healthcare facilities with access to broadband will tend to use landline connections, and patients with access to Wi-Fi will connect using that. But, cellular data fills the gap left by a network infrastructure for the 7 percent of rural facilities (and one percent of total facilities nationwide) that lack broadband access, and for patients without a reliable connection of their own. Rural patients may see the benefits of initiatives such as Project Loon, a unique internet delivery system that uses balloons to provide data connectivity in the near future. Despite still being in the testing phase, Loon and similar technologies will offer an opportunity for telehealth providers to reach new patients and underserved areas.

Keep watching this space to know more about the technologies that are giving telehealth the right kind of push.

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