Use of Technology in Elderly Care – Part 3

As our elders grow older, it becomes our primary responsibility to care of them. It’s crucial to understand and utilize the advances in technology that benefit a senior patient, whether you are a family member who has taken on the role of caretaker or a professional who provides caregiver services. Apart from the usual smartphones and tablets, read more below about the different gadgets available to help you care for your loved one or patient.

Remote Technology Offers 24/7 Protection

Today’s monitoring devices are more advanced compared to the medical alert bracelets that were once the height of senior safety tech. There are several different options for ensuring that elderly patients who are more independent are safe. From water sensors that let you know if your elderly patient left the water running to sensors that automatically turn off stoves if they are left alone for too long, almost everything in their environment can be controlled. Locked medication dispensers with timers and alarms for missed doses also ease the burden of knowing your loved one or patient is properly cared for. Additionally, apps for medication adherence also help ensure medications are taken at the correct time.

Wearable pendants are not a technological advancement that should be ignored though they are always mentioned in passing. While some allow for GPS monitoring and emergency response, some only connect patients with caregivers who are within a certain range. It will make a world of difference choosing the devices that are right for your situation and elderly charge in their quality of life.

The most important takeaway is that technology can keep elderly patients safe. We must use these advances as the caretakers of senior citizens to improve the way we care for them and they care for themselves.

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