Cyber-Security is an Integral Part of Telehealth – Part 2

Telemedicine and healthcare are both reliant on technology. While conducting a telehealth consultation, physicians rely on their hardware, technology-mediated communication, and digital retrieval and storage of data. While processing digital health data plays an increasingly important role in our healthcare industry, it is also at risk of cyber threats.

Cyber threats render technology unreliable. It is necessary that health entities spend money proactively on their cyber-security policies, focused on protecting their clients’ information along with their own image and reputation in order to prevent health entities from paying millions of dollars in recovering data or repairing damage from cyber-attacks. IT compliance mistakes can seriously damage the reputation of the healthcare provider. This may result in patients no longer feeling safe providing data to your organization after a breach.

It Saves Money

For both the patient and the physician, telehealth is very effective in saving costs. This dynamic and efficient service can save the practitioner from storage and stationary costs and will also help patients save a substantial amount of money on commute and visit costs. In addition to this, healthcare providers can know exactly how many patients are going to be treated on a daily basis which will save up waiting spaces in clinics.

Despite the multitude of benefits of telehealth, practitioners will have to take certain precautions in order to prevent cyber-attacks. Hackers may use sensitive information to blackmail the healthcare provider or patient directly by manipulating data. Their success will undermine the competency and reputation of the healthcare organization and provider.

Healthcare providers should also train their employees on best digital practices. The system can better detect suspicious activity if every employee is educated in cyber-security and follows strict protocols.

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