Healthtech Trends for 2019 – Part 2

Healthcare’s current trend is to adopt new technology that will show significant and extraordinary changes over the next several years. Expected to reach $206 billion by 2020, the digital health market is redefining itself by applying digital technology to their main functional areas using an enhanced customer-centric approach. Here are major health care technology trends to watch in 2019 and 2020.  

Cloud computing

Different types of public, private and hybrid cloud-based platforms enable large files to be shared. When health care organizations face a challenge to build, run and maintain infrastructure for electronic record-keeping needs, cloud computing provides an appealing choice to meet these needs. Through cloud-based solutions, patients and providers tend to get better access to electronic records, helping them make the consultation process more convenient. Integration of video for live consultations creates pressure to deploy WAN connections that are speedy, secure and stable.

Virtual and augmented reality

Implementation of virtual and augmented reality solutions are leading to significant advances in health care technologies that were only imagined a decade ago. The continued improvements and deployment of AR and VR in health care are showing great promise for better delivery of health care.

Placing patients in environments that will stimulate improvement is one of the biggest challenges in overcoming various needs following diagnosis and/or a medical procedure. Otherwise possible only during physical therapy, enhanced and simulated environments enable more diverse interactions. Data can be gathered using monitoring to assist therapists in developing customized care plans for patients.

On the other hand, augmented reality systems offer one of the most intuitive options in healthcare. AR has the ability to provide 3D information on real-world scenes, allowing surgeons and doctors to stay grounded in actual procedures while having ready access to all the data available through other emerging technologies.

We are pleased to announce 3rd Healthcare Digital Innovation Summit 2019 on 15th Feb 2019 at Ahmedabad. The Healthcare IT Summit will be the premier conference and expo for exploring innovations in eHealth, mHealth, TeleHealth and IT implementation in government organization and hospitals.

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