Amazon’s Foray into Healthcare

Technology giants spent 2018 moving into the health care space, from Amazon and Apple opening clinics to Uber launching a medical transit program. Though still in early stages, they are bound to grow in 2019, and some of them may have an impact on Americans’ health care experiences as soon as this year. 

2018 saw Amazon announcing its working with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase to form an independent health care company for their employees. It has since then purchased online pharmacy startup PillPack and announced plans to sell software that will read medical records.

Although the healthcare company won’t affect consumers at large, the PillPack acquisition and the medical records software could have big implications. However, the questions that loom large are that how will Amazon integrate PillPack into its existing suite of services and what will that success or failure mean for the brick-and-mortar pharmacies or other pharmacy startups like Capsule?

Electronic health records are a famously fraught area of the medical system, and the tangled evolution of e-health technology has led to a fragmented paper trail filled with gaps for many patients. Amazon is certainly not the first company to venture into this area. Hence it remains to be seen how successful will it be, and what will that mean for patients and their quality of care?

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