HealthTech 2019: Robots Vs Loneliness

Future Healthcare is an annual event taking place in London, UK. It is a showcase of healthcare space international innovation. More than 350 brands attended this year. As always, heavily featured data and how experts manipulate them.  Companies also tried to reinvent old technologies using a fresh approach, however.

Solitude is a real, growing issue in the U.S. and worldwide. Indeed, for a number of medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease, many healthcare professionals now recognize loneliness as a risk factor. We need to address loneliness with urgency for this reason.

Recently, Service Robotics Limited has created an innovative solution to bridge this gap. Genie Connect is a miniature robot that looks friendly. The designers described it as “a robot service that uses a friendly, intuitive, voice-enabled robot to provide older adults with connectivity and support.”

It can perform commands similar to other popular virtual assistants, but it has a range of customizable features to suit your needs. Genie Connect can chat with healthcare professionals and family members and set up video chats. It was designed by Service Robotics Limited to help stimulate and engage the mind of the user. It also reminds the user of taking and attending appointments for medication.

There is a common concern that robots will take away people’s jobs; in this case, Genie Connect fills a gap that people are left open at the moment.

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